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A corner of Italy which encapsulates unique gastronomic delights, often only whispered as secrets to gourmets around the world. Here Nebbiolo reigns, with its noble sons -the Barolo and Barbaresco, protected by castles, towers and fortified villages that take us back to medieval times of struggles and splendours: pilgrims, salt merchants, soldiers of fortune, the Crusaders, and Benedictine monks have all trodden this soil leaving a heritage, a sign, a legacy. But it was the farmers whose centuries of toil shaped the hills into the breathtaking landscape which widens the eyes of the tourist today.
And under these so-special hills, the ultimate and most secret treasure: the White Truffle of Alba: the "grey diamond" that made Cavour crazy and sent Vittorio Emanuele II into ecstasy , the Tuber Magnatum Pico made world-famous by the youngest son of a poor family of sharecroppers, Giacomo Morra, founder of the Fiera and true deus ex machina of the Langhe.
Because the Savoy Piedmont of royal palaces and courts, of stately homes and gardens, retains its ancient wild and native soul in the Langhe and Monferrato, between groves of oak and fragrant valleys known locally as rittani, among hazelnuts and pastures, among pheasants and wild boar, in stone villages and remote rural churches. A soul with an ancestral beauty which is reflected in the snow-covered chain of the Alps which protects it from the ruffling of the marin, the sea wind that warms and perfumes it, providing the special microclimate for its inimitable wines.
But it is also a tough soul, made of hard work and sacrifice, poverty and emigration, endurance and fatalism, so well recounted by Cesare Pavese and Beppe Fenoglio, not by coincidence two of the greatest Italian writers of the twentieth century who grew up in these hills.
Do not be surprised that today all this has become a World Heritage Site and the Cultural Landscape of these vineyards has been declared the 50th Italian location to be protected by UNESCO: we have always known how to live in a unique, special and magical place. Knock say "friend" and the door will open.

© Copyright Pietro Giovannini


Langhe e Roero

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