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As of June 2014, Italy has a new UNESCO World Heritage Site, its fiftieth. But this is truly a very special site, because next to countless cultural sites known and dreamed of around the world, here today for the first time in Italy a Cultural Landscape is celebrated and protected, a landscape that the hand of man - or rather centuries of his work – has forged and transformed to give it the unique and wondrous character it has today: a sea of vineyards, hills, farms, villages, churches and castles that leaves every visitor astounded.
There are the wine-growing landscapes of Langhe-Roero and Monferrato, an uninterrupted system of hills incorporating a hundred municipalities (the buffer zone) with the best grapevines and the most famous Piedmontese wines, from Barolo to Moscato, from Barbaresco to Barbera.
Five are so-called core zones, that is, areas of excellence, representative of each individual territory: Barolo with its noble castles, Barbaresco with its red tower and the archetype perfect village of the Langhe, the Moscato at Canelli with Underground Cathedrals of the historic cellars of Spumante, the Barbera of Nizza Monferrato with the Bersano Ethnographic Museum, and Vignale with its circuit of the Infernot (cellars excavated from the volcanic rock).
In each area for decades there has been an Enoteca Regionale (Regional Wine Society) to represent, inform and promote their respective grand wines. A network of facilities dedicated entirely to wine: a unique excellence that leaves every tourist stunned.
Finally, the sixth pearl: the castle of the Count of Cavour with the Enoteca Regionale Piemontese, one of the most highly symbolic places in the winemaking of the region and in Italian prestige. Here where the first architect of the nation found time to both practice the art of politics (he was mayor for 17 years) and to experiment into the best techniques for making the greatest Italian wine: the Barolo.
A perfect gift for the 150th anniversary of Italian unification.

Text by ©Pietro Giovannini

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