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The Importance of Being DOCG


The Importance of Being DOCG
Neive (CN)

This round route begins and ends in Neive, which, with its 'Orange Flag' from the Italian Touring Club can be considererd one of the most attractive historical centres of Italy. The route then departs towards Treiso through local Barbaresco winegrowing country with its splendid array of colours and geometrically perfect rows of Nebbiolo vines typical of the Bassa Langa (Low Langa) region. A brief detour along this road will bring you to the heart of Barbaresco village itself, where you can stop to taste some of the celebrated wine or stroll through the main street towards the 'Torre' (tower), from where you can enjoy a wonderful view over the Tanaro river and surrounds.

Once past the village of Treiso, the road becomes steeper, with the most taxing stretch being the road through the Benevello area. After this, it's downhill again in the direction of Mango. The area is the one featured in Cesare Pavese's novels on the Langa: in fact, virtually everywhere you look, the hills and vineyards have a literary echo, as if to emphasize the fact that this is a region that offers not only the perfumes of wine, but also those of poetry and history.

After Mango, the route takes you towards Camo, through the heart of Resistance country, where the Partisans rebelled against German occupation during the Second World War. From here, after a brief detour, it's on to Santo Stefano Belbo, where Cesare Pavese was born, and a well-earned rest for lunch. Back on the road again, the last part is the hardest on legs and lungs, with a quick succession of steep hills around the areas of Castiglione Tinella and Coazzolo. The last few kilometres are all downhill, though with Neive once again on the horizon.

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