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From Lake Maggiore to the Sea (402km)


Canale (CN)

The itinerary for this journey begins in Arona on Lake Maggiore and, by taking you through the hills of the Langa and Roero areas directly from north to south without any particular shift in longitude, will bring you to the sea. This is a route which offers dozens of fine views over these lovely hills without being too arduous. If you prefer to prolong your stay in the region, we advise the visitor to consult the other three routes described, which refer exclusively to the Langa and Roero, and which can be used to build up longer itineraries.

Arriving at Chivasso, you will enter into the Monferrato region, with its gently sloping hills - much lower in altitude than those of the Langa – which can be considered the gateway to a grape-growing area which stretches from south of the river Po to the Apennines. These delightfully verdant hills are dotted with medieval villages and castles. During this, brief, excursion we would advise a visit to the Romanesque Abbey of Vezzolano in Albugnano which may have been founded by Charlemagne himself. Other stupendous Romanesque churches are to be found in Montechiaro (San Nazario) , Cortazzone (San Secondo) and within the historical centre of San Damiano. This last is a splendid example of the ‘Villa Nova’ style.

In the Asti area, castles abound and we would recommend that of Piea (which hosts antiques auctions), Cortanze, Casasco, Soglio, Cortazzone and Monale – all to be found within the same area. Cisterna, on the border with the Roero region boasts a splendid medieval manor house, with 17th century façade, which houses the not-to-be-missed Museum of Arts and Crafts from Times Past with its many artefacts.

At this point, the road takes us down through vineyards and ‘ciabot’, or country huts, towards Canale, ‘peach-tree capital’ (point of intersection with itinerary number 2).