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Dogliani - Santa Lucia Path


Dogliani - Santa Lucia Path
Dogliani (CN)

18 km
3 hs 30 minutes

The trail starts from the state road to Monchiero opposite to the Pieve (parish church) along a tree-lined road that twists across meadows up to the feet of Santa Lucia hamlet, beloved by Prof. Luigi Einaudi, who was the first President of the Italian Republic. The wonderful 18th century manor, the President’ and his family’s private house, outstands in San Giacomo. The 18th century farmhouse, which belonged to Luigi Einaudi, magnificently shows off on top of the hill.

Having left the trail, walkers can stop at the hamlet tiny church, which is definitely worth a visit. Then, the paved road take hikers as far as they come across a grassy dirt trail – approx. 1 km away from the tiny church – wending up to the top of Bricco San Bernardo hill – a rest to enjoy sightseeing and the location peacefulness is highly recommended. The ring trail ends at its starting point.
Walking time: 3 hs 30 minutes
Walking distance: 18 km