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Dogliani (CN)

Dogliani is a nice village in Langhe heart, nested among cultivated hills. The village embraces the parish church dedicated to Saints Quirico and Paul, surmounted by a huge dome and designed by Giovanni Schellino, the local eclectic architect referred to as “Gaudì from Cuneo”. The village is crossed by Rea brook and rises in Dogliani Castello, atop a hill slope. Langhe in Dogliani are western sun kissed lands and their excellent exposition is optimal for vineyard growth.

The structure of excellent wines locally produced depends on these lands sand yellow in colour – the best product ever is dolcetto, a native grape dating back to the 16th century. Luigi Einaudi, who served as the first President of the Italian Republic, fell in love with this place and its wine and bought San Giacomo farmhouse together with a “40 giornate piemontesi” (giornata piemontese – literally, "Piedmont day" – is an ancient Piedmont unit of measurement, corresponding to 3800 square meters) wide vineyard in 1897, when he was just twenty three years old.
In Dogliani visitors can enjoy local landscape and vineyards along 7 trails, of different distance and difficulty: everyone can take a gentle stroll or hike along demanding trails just for the love of walking! The route map can be purchased at Dogliani information bureau, accommodation facilities, and cafeterias (map price: 4 Euros).
Dogliani Iphone App can be downloaded as well: among plenty of options, vineyards can be framed to receive plenty of additional infos thanks to the enlarged world.