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Cherasco - Rio Crosio Trail


Cherasco - Rio Crosio Trail
Cherasco (CN)

A town rich in history and culture, nested at the boundary between Langhe hills and Cuneo plain, Cherasco has plenty opportunities to offer its visitors: numberless events, historical buildings, and food and wine specialties. And much more: visitors can immerse in an uncontaminated nature and relax along naturalistic trails around Cherasco.

Trails are much loved by Cherasco inhabitants – strictly linked with town history, the local paths have been commonly used to reach town surroundings for long.
Trails are for walking only. The track is uneven and suitable footwear is highly recommended as well as a respectful behaviour towards environment. Further details about Trail 1 are provided in the attached map.
Rio Crosio Trail
The Rio Crosio Trail stretches along Rio Crosio brook and let hikers enjoy the cool valley bottom surrounding the village. The trail starts from Viale della Sibla, in front of the Castle: it descends and makes a few hairpins until the path bifurcates. Proceeding into S 1, hikers can come to the valley bottom where Rio Crosio flows, walk along the brook and then cross it to reach an ancient abandoned ice house. Then, they can walk along the ancient road to Roncaglia, cross the paved Salita Vecchia (literally, the old ascent) and ascend to Cherasco across the “bosco Bonfante” wood. The trail ends at the Santuario della Madonna del Popolo (a sanctuary dedicated to Our Lady).