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Barolo Langa - Pathway Map


Barolo Langa - Pathway Map

The origin of langa name – which in Piedmont regional dialect stands for hill – is uncertain. Someone found out it is of Latin origin – from linguae to indicate the land upwarding lines; others believe the name derives from the Celtic landa or lande to designate a wild woods region. Again, others assert the name origin is langense, an almost unknown Ligurian tribe. Nonetheless, each retrieved and stated origin has a hint of truth in it. Today, as ever, Langa is a land characterised by breath-taking landscapes, gentle tidy hills – emerged from an ancient seabed – which produce unique precious wines from its Nebbiolo native vine variety. And, needless to say, Langa people are special as well.
The Barolo Langa is a little part of the area not far from Alba, characterized by hills and vineyards as far as the eye can see. Every village has a proper castle or fortress, rich witness of history. The most precious treasure is the production of Barolo Wine, the so called “King of Wines”, with different organoleptic peculiarities depending from the 11 municipalities of production.

Sentieri di Langa e Barolo(Langa and Barolo pathways) hiking tracks include 5 ring trails to explore different views over Barolo hills, alternating nature, Medieval villages and wine culture. The complete pathway map, published by Associazione Trekking in Langa, can be purchased at Associazione Trekking in Langa ( or at Consorzio Turistico Langhe Monferrato Roero (Langhe Monferrato Roero Tourist Consortium) front office, which is hosted at ATL Langhe Roero premises (Piazza Risorgimento, 2 – Alba) (map price: 6 Euros).