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Alta Langa - Great Langa Crossing


Alta Langa - Great Langa Crossing

The Upper Alta is located near the border with Liguria Region and represents the wildest part of Langhe Roero area. The hills are too high to permit the presence of vineyard, and they have quotation around the 750m asl, with the highest municipality of Mombarcaro with its 896m asl.

The landscape is dominated by wood, with the cultivation of the hazelnut “Tonda Gentile di Langa” and good pastures animals and the consequent cheese production.

The route called “Great Crossing of the Langhe” links Saliceto to Santo Stefano Belbo, going along the ridges which divide Belbo, Bormida and Uzzone valleys. Stretching over almost 60 kilometres, it twists mainly atop hill ridge, offering its hikers a succession of enchanting panoramic views to be enjoyed both on foot, by horse and by mountain bike. The presence of large ruts and the varied path features make the route particularly enjoyable for mountain bikers, who will be able to go along it in a weekend, with time on hand to rest and enjoy path breath-taking views.

The route is poled by “gtl” logoed rods, which show the kilometre distances from the crossing ends (S. Stefano Belbo and Saliceto), with further distances from the closest villages. In case no logoed rods are present, hikers will be guided by colour-coded (red-white-red) on the trees, tiny walls and posts near junctions and turns. In the Saliceto-Cortemilia route section, the Langhe Great Crossing goes along “Bormida Valley Route” (its signs as well), of which it is the ideal completion. The Langhe Great Crossing represents the final section of the route known as “Strada dei Feudi Carretteschi” (Carretteschi Feuds Route), which crosses the Apennines connecting Langhe to the Ligurian Sea (precisely Finalborgo to Santo Stefano Belbo) (total distance: over 100 kilometres).
Download also the GPX Information thanks the works of the Association “Parco Culturale Alta