How and where you can buy truffles?

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After a pleasant and fulfilling day spent touring the Piedmont hillside, you decide to purchase a truffle to savour the memory and to enjoy when you arrive home. But the first question is: where do I buy it ?

The most simple option is to purchase from one of the many shops specializing in local produducts.

The most interesting truffle source are the famous truffle fairs, being events which form the highlight of the events calendar of the truffle growing centres, and which attract thousands of visitors each year. Between the first half of October to the end of November it is in fact possible to find splendid truffle specimens all displayed on colourful stalls, run by the truffle hunters themselves or by tradesmen. On such occasions one is truly spoilt for choice and there is also the opportunity to feast your eyes on specimens that are unique in terms of weight and size.
The Alba truffle market is also famous for an interesting initiative that it offers: all the examples on sale in the market are checked by a commission of judges that are specialised in the sensory evaluation of truffles. Truffles that do not pass these rigorous checks are withdrawn from the market.
The judges are available throughout the duration of the market for advice and checks; they are there to protect the rights of the consumer.