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Langhe and Roero, land of Saints and Blessed. The hills of wine and truffle have always been rich in religious devotion. Alba is the cradle of the Society of St. Paul. From here, with Father Alberione, it took its first steps opening up to the world. Come and discover the places where the Primo Maestro and his collaborators lived and worked. We are waiting for you to offer you an exclusive journey of faith  terre di santi e beati. 

James was born on 4th April 1884 in San Lorenzo of Fossano, a small hamlet in the province of Cuneo. He was the fifth child of Michele and Teresa Allocco. A family like many others, who helped him in his religious vocation. He was ordained priest on 29th June 1907. Inspired by St. Paul motto "to become all things to all men", on 20th August 1914 he founded the Society of St. paul to evangelize through social communication and to talk about everything , in a Christian manner.

Over the years, the Pauline Family expanded with different Congregations: Daughter of St. paul, Pious Disciples of the Divine Master, Sisters of Jesus Good Sheperd, Sisters of mary Queen of the Apostles, the Institutes of St. Gabriel the Archangel, Holy Mary, Holy family, Jesus priest and the Pauline Cooperators Associations.

Through years, important location for the Society of St. Paul have been: 
Alba - San Lorenzo Cathedral
Bra - Santuario della Madonna dei Fiori
- Benevello
- Castagnito - San Giovanni Battista Church
- Narzole - San Bernardo Parish
- Cherasco - San Martino Church
- San Lorenzo of Fossano

Notice of website closure

This site will soon no longer be available and will be replaced by www.visitlmr.it.
Therefore the data will no longer be updated. For any information about events or opening hours, please contact us writing to info@visitlmr.it or call +39.0173.35833