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  • Welcome
    Look at our world, a profound revealer of art and wisdom, where you can find yourself once again.
  • Viaggia
    Le nebbie si disperdono, il passato si fonde in un futuro che è già qui.
  • Discover
    How strong are our roots, as solid as the ancient walls of our castles!
  • Taste
    We are the land where we live. We’re light, scents and flavors.
  • Experience Sport
    Places, trails, fields and…a sky above that invites you to travel through it.
  • Have fun
    Passion is our most genuine strength, a passion that creates new adventures every day.
  • Alba International White Truffle Fair
    From the 9th of October to the 5th of December 2021
  • Booking Online

Notice of website closure

This site will soon no longer be available and will be replaced by www.visitlmr.it.
Therefore the data will no longer be updated. For any information about events or opening hours, please contact us writing to info@visitlmr.it or call +39.0173.35833