Free Country Cooking School in Langa

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A unique experience with the female cooks of the Langa: they will teach you how to make fresh egg pasta, the famous “tajarin” (home-made noodles) and the “ravioli al plin” (stuffed home-made pasta).
The secrets and expertise of the women who are the guardians of old-time knowledge and taste traditions.

When. from 1st May to 31st October 2015 (every Sunday, at 11 am)

Where: Mango (CN), at Enoteca Regionale Colline del Moscato

Details: A small group of housewives from the village of Mango will sit on a typical old elementary school desk to teach and show how iconic rural dishes are created: From “bagnet” (typical sauces) to the “agnolotti al plin” (stuffed home-made pasta), but also “brasati” (braised meat), “bagna caöda” (hot sauce made with anchovies) and “bunet” (home-made pudding).
No competition, no top of the class, just a wonderful local wine and gastronomic lesson to listen to and to taste sitting at the school desk !!
The activity starts at 11am and ends after lunchtime (around 2.30pm).
Participants: min. 5
Booking within 12 am of the previous day.

Languages spoken: Italian / English (on request and booking)

Price: € 50,00 per persone. The price includes: course and lunch. Gift pack: one bottle of Moscato d'Asti Docg Wine. 

Information and reservation:
Enoteca Regionale Colline del Moscato d'Asti e Asti Spumante
Piazza XX Settembre, 19
12056 - Mango (CN)