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2007-2013 001 Projections Turistiche

ALCOTRA 2007-2013 is the fourth programme in a series of projects designed to promote cooperation between the border areas of continental Italy and France.

The project aims to improve the quality of life of residents in these areas and, using ecologically sustainable methods, to promote their economies and areas of natural beauty via the development of programmes in the areas of local culture, environment, economy and society.

At the heart of the project is Projections Turistiche, a scheme coordinated by the Tourist Board of Alba Bra Langa and Roero, aimed at enhancing facilities on offer to visitors to the areas of the Langa and Roero regions in Italy, and the mountainous Queyras area in France. The scheme includes the linking of three cinema festivals of already held in the three regions: The Alba International Film Festival, The Bra Short Film Festival and the The Festival Grandeur Nature.

With the linking of these events, Projections Turistiche aims to promote these three regions, together with their respective attractions: the hills, vineyards, grand wines, splendid cuisine and medieval villages of the Langa and Roero, and the Queyras with its Alpine traditions and its mountains, valleys and rivers.

The main objective is to promote diversification and improve the range of facilities for the visitor throughout the year, via a programme of sustainable events. Other aims include boosting the transalpine and European markets for the cinema and increasing cooperation between operators in the areas of tourism and culture in the three areas.