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Vezza d'Alba - Madernassa Pear Trail


Vezza d'Alba - Madernassa Pear Trail
Vezza d'Alba (CN)

6.50 km
1 h 30 minutes

The Madernassa Pear Trail twists across tiny valley orchards and gentle plains laying between Socco and Madernassa, hamlets in the Municipality of Vezza d’Alba. The path has been tracked to offer visitors a view on Roero fruit excellences: Madernassa pear and scented native peach varieties. In 1784, a unique graft has been successfully created in Madernassa hamlet, thus originating the crisp Roero native pear variety. By the end of the 19th century, the lawyer-agronomist Ferrio experimented several varieties of American pears with astonishing results, which thoroughly changed local agricultural identity.
The trail starts from Borbore hamlet, Vezza d’Alba. The path borders the river for 300 meters, surrounded by hazelnut tree groves (typical of humid areas), and then stretches further to peach and Madernassa pear cultivated lands, i.e. the local native cultivation after which the trial is named. The path goes ahead offering hikers a view over very steep hill slope – dedicated to wide and tidy vineyards cultivation with a yellow ciabòt (a typical local tiny rural building) among vineyard rows – up to the ridge offering a view on Vezza d’Alba hilltop village. The trail is a dirt road, ascending toward vineyards offering an unrivalled sightseeing on Guarene and Castagnito villages hill side. The path finally descends back to Borgonuovo and Borbore hamlet to the ring trail end.
Walking time: 1 h 30 minutes
Walking distance: 6.50 km