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The Milky Way


The Milky Way
Murazzano (CN)

The Langa Hills are not only home to grand wines and white truffles. For most visitors, the Alta Langa (High Langa) area is a delightful surprise, with its uncontaminated landscape, spacious tracts of ancient woodlands and hazel groves. This is also the land of dairy farms, where a variety of delicious cheeses are produced using the traditional methods that can be recognised by the 'DOP' denomination on the label ('denominazione di origine protetta' or 'protected area of origin').

So, it is no surprise that this route begins in the village of Murazzano, famous for its 'tuma' cheese of the same name, and also for the panoramic medieval tower situated in its historical centre. The route is not particularly difficult and is recommended for cyclists of all levels, including beginners.

The first part takes the visitor down onto the valley floor through some of the loveliest countryside in the area. Marvellous views can be had over these magnificently unspoilt hills, where nature can still be felt to have the upper hand and is present in all her austere beauty. Along the way, you will pass through the pretty little village of Bossolasco, with its splendid summer flower displays and borders, and from here descend into the valley and the village of San Benedetto Belbo. From this point onwards, the route passes along the crests of the hills and you will gradually gain in altitude.

The landscape is an ocean of calm here, dominated by thick woodland, open pasture and hazel groves. The colours around you are a harmony of greens and browns in all their different hues and the sensation of timelessness is one that all visitors will take home with them in their heart of hearts, even after a brusque return to city life and its frenetic rhythms. Continuing you will eventually pass under the village of Mombarcaro, also known as the 'peak of the Langa', for being the highest village in the Langa with its 900 metres above sea level. From here, you continue to Camerana and then climb till the divide between Belbo and Tanaro valleys, near the pictoresque village of Sale San Giovanni, with some of the best gothic frescoes of the whole area.

The final, uphill, part of the journey will bring you to the highest point of the route - the 'Località Pedaggera' in the territory of the village of Paroldo, that really worth a stop. Along the last few kilometres of road towards Murazzano the road runs parallel to the villages of Marsaglia and Belvedere Langhe, with many lovely views to be enjoyed along the way. And, when you have arrived once again in Murazzano, what better way to end your trip than with a break to taste some of the wonderful cheeses made in the lovely countryside you have just explored.

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