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  • Count Cavour's Hills

    Lunghezza percorso: 35,7 Km
    35.7 km.
  • The Road of the Stone Houses

    Lunghezza percorso: 105 Km
    105 Km.
  • The Importance of Being DOCG

    Lunghezza percorso: 68,2 Km
    68.2 km.
  • Pedalling Over the 'Rocche' of the Roero

    Lunghezza percorso: 83,4 Km
    83.4 km.
  • The Milky Way

    Lunghezza percorso: 136,1 Km
    36.1 km.
  • On the trail of the

    Lunghezza percorso: 39,7 Km
    The first part of this route does not present a challenge as far as gain in altitude is concerned and the second part includes a long flat...
  • The 'Round and Sweet' Hazel of the Langa

    Lunghezza percorso: 34,7 Km
    34.7 km.
  • The champions' ascents

    Lunghezza percorso: 114 Km
    114 Km.
  • From Cortemilia to the Langa of Wines

    Lunghezza percorso: 80 Km
    Cycling routes through the typical products of Langhe and Roero. 40 - 80 Km
  • Romantic Road of Langhe Roero Region

    The Langhe and Roero are a mosaic of infinite landscapes, impossible to encompass in a single glance. They are better to...
  • Cycling Among the Castles of Barolo

    Lunghezza percorso: 68,2 Km
    68.2 km.

Whether you are going by foot, by bike or by motor-bike, you're in for amazing sights!

Langhe and Roero are the ideal environment for lovers of trekking, bicycle and motorcycle tourism.
All sports enthusiasts will be able to tackle levels of difficulty suitable for their own physical condition, going through rows of grapevines or old villages, planning cultural or culinary stops. All creating pleasurable memories to recall.

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